Ben Jealous (D-MD)

Civil rights advocate Ben Jealous is running to be Maryland’s next governor. Jealous, along with his running mate Susie Turnbull, are both feminists who we are incredibly excited to support. In Maryland, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor run on a single ticket.

Background and Achievements

Ben and is the best candidate to represent Maryland. Ben is a lifelong progressive who worked as a civil rights advocate in Maryland throughout his career. Ben made history at 35 years old when he became the youngest ever president of the NAACP. In his position, he doubled their revenue and increased membership. Following his term, Ben was named the Marylander of the Year due to his long-time progressive advocacy, specifically regarding the DREAM Act, marriage equality, and abolition of the death penalty. Additionally, Ben spent time as a journalist and an investor; helping to make Maryland’s economy as strong as it could be.

Positions on Key Issues

  • Supporter of Medicare for All
  • Supporter of public education
  • Wants to legalize and tax marijuana to fund universal Pre-K
  • Supporter of police and criminal justice reform
  • Supporter of womens' rights
  • Supporter of environmental protections

Prospects & Opponents

Jealous and Turnbull are running against the incumbent Republican Governor and lieutenant Governor, Larry Hogan and Boyd Rutherford. Hogan and Boyd have very high popularity ratings of 71%  and recent polls have shown Hogan leading Jealous. Jealous and Turnbull won their primary with a 10% lead over all other candidates and following the recent primary have closed much of the gap in polling. Additionally, Democrats are hopeful that because popular Democratic Senator Ben Cardin is running for re-election, more Democrats will vote straight party.


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