Our Candidates

If you would like the Feminist Majority Equality PAC to consider your candidacy or the candidacy of another strong feminist for state office, please submit a candidate recommendation.

Virginia Statewide Races

Terry McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe previously served as the 72nd Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and has been heavily involved in helping other Democratic candidates get elected. During his time as Governor, McAuliffe was a tireless leader who worked for Medicaid expansion, gun reform, and strengthening abortion rights. In addition to this, he instituted several voting reforms to protect all Virginians’ right to vote by instituting paper ballots that can be tracked and through restoring the right to vote for 173,000 formerly convicted felons in Virginia. On top of all of this, he also worked for the Virginia ratification of the ERA. McAuliffe hopes to build on his previous successes as well as help people and businesses during the pandemic. He will also continue to protect abortion and voting rights for everyone while investing in education and building a clean energy economy. Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin has promised that as Governor he would repeal the work done by his Democratic predecessors which include increasing access to abortion, common-sense gun reform, and access to the ballot. Youngkin would put the priorities of business owners over the safety of people by loosening pandemic restrictions that have limited the spread of Covid-19.

Endorsements for McAuliffe: Feminist Majority, NATCA, AFSCME, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, CASA in Action, LIUNA

Hala Ayala

Hala Ayala, the democratic candidate for Lt Governor is a strong supporter of women’s rights as the co-founder and former president of the Prince William chapter of NOW. Ayala is a member of the Virginia House of delegates and was a leader in the successful campaign for Virginia to ratify the ERA in 2020. In addition, she was a leader in the fight to pass legislation to repeal anti-abortion TRAP laws in Virginia as well as fighting to expand Medicaid coverage. As Lt. Governor, Ayala wants to expand access to affordable healthcare, education, and quality jobs while also creating a green economy. She will also fight to keep access to reproductive healthcare and expand women’s rights. In contrast, Ayala’s Republican opponent Winsome Sears is an extreme right-wing politician that wants Virginia to enact the same six-week abortion ban that Texas has recently passed. This extreme abortion ban has no exception for rape or incest and permits vigilante enforcement. She has other extreme policy proposals such as firing the entire parole board which has reduced crime and recidivism rates dramatically in Virginia.

Endorsements for Hala Ayala: Feminist Majority, Emily’s List, VA NOW, Latino Victory Fund, Virginia’s List

Mark Herring

Mark Herring is running for re-election for Attorney General, a role he has held since 2014. Immediately upon Virginia becoming the 38th state to ratify the ERA in 2020, Herring together with Nevada and Illinois Attorney Generals, filed suit to have the ERA certified and placed into the US Constitution. As AG, Herring has made the ERA, criminal justice reform, gun reform, and expanding access to reproductive healthcare a priority. Herring will continue these priorities as he works to defend COVID-19 safety measures and to combat the heroin and opioid epidemic. Republican opponent Jason Miyares will work to reverse these progressive priorities and emphasize increasingly putting people in prison for so-called law and order.

Endorsements of Herring: Feminist Majority, VA NOW, NARAL, HRC, AFSCME, SEIU, UFCW

2021 State Delegate Candidates

  • Dawn Adams Dawn Adams (VA - 68)
  • Alex Askew Alex Askew (VA - 85)
  • Joshua Cole Joshua Cole (VA - 28)
  • Kelly Convirs-Fowler Kelly Convirs-Fowler (VA - 21)
  • Jeffrey Feld Jeffrey ‘Doc’ Feld (VA - 81)
  • Eileen Filler-Corn Eileen Filler-Corn (VA - 41)
  • Debra Gardner Debra Gardner (VA - 27)
  • wendy gooditis Wendy Gooditis (VA - 10)
  • Jasmine Gore Jasmine Gore (VA - 62)
  • Nancy Guy Nancy Guy (VA - 83)
  • Elizabeth Guzman Elizabeth Guzman (VA - 31)
  • Dan Helmer Dan Helmer (VA - 40)
  • Charniele Herring Charniele Herring (VA - 46)
  • Chris Hurst Chris Hurst (VA - 12)
  • Clint Jenkins Clint Jenkins (VA - 76)
  • Martha Mugler Martha Mugler (VA - 91)
  • Kathleen Murphy Kathleen Murphy (VA - 34)
  • Finale Johnson Norton Finale Johnson Norton (VA - 100)
  • Danica Roem Danica Roem (VA - 13)
  • Briana Sewell Briana Sewell (VA - 51)
  • Shelly Simonds Shelly Simonds (VA - 94)
  • Kathy Tran Kathy Tran (VA - 42)
  • Schuyler VanValkenburg Schuyler VanValkenburg (VA - 72)