Our Work

The Feminist Majority Equality PAC was founded in 2018 to support feminist candidates for statewide and state legislative offices. The FM Equality PAC, which assists endorsed candidates across the country with contributions and networking, seeks to end the under-representation of women and people of color in elected office and to promote feminist ideals. To achieve this objective we support feminists for elected office.

With the wide range of feminist issues that we support — including women’s healthcare and reproductive rights, ending sexual violence against women, economic equity, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, collective bargaining, immigration, gun control, CEDAW ratification, Equal Rights Amendment ratification, affirmative action and environmental protection — our ultimate goal is to elect feminists who will champion our causes in state legislatures and in state-wide offices such as governors, lieutenant governors, attorneys general, and secretaries of state across the nation.

The FM Equality PAC assists feminist candidates with contributions and networking opportunities. We research all candidate positions before making endorsements.