Betty Yee (D-CA)

Betty Yee is running for re-election and is expected to win.

Background and Achievements

Yee has served in this position for over three years, during which time she has worked to build a more sustainable tax system, investigated localities that are accused of embezzlement and corruption, and progressed in improving air quality and shutting down California’s last nuclear power plant. As California’s chief financial officer, Yee knows that full transparency is required to maintain the public’s trust. She also knows that California’s prominent global economy leaves too many behind, and will continue advocating for affordable housing tax credits and other financial resources that can help lift people out of poverty.

Positions on Key Issues

  • Retirement plans for the elderly
  • Protection of the environment

Prospects & Opponents

Yee is running against Republican Konstantinos Roditis, who she is predicted to beat.


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