Stacey Abrams (D-GA)

Stacey Abrams is running in the 2018 election for Governor of Georgia. Abrams, the first woman to serve in the Georgia General Assembly leadership, has spent her career working tirelessly for Georgians in the private, public, and nonprofit sector. Incumbent Republican Nathan Deal is term-limited, and two men are in a run-off against each other for the Republican nomination, which will be held on July 24. Abrams clinched the nomination without a run-off. If elected, Abrams would be the first African American woman to hold the office of Governor in the United States.

Background and Achievements

Stacey Abrams, one of six children, was raised to in a household that valued education and dedication to service. Abrams graduated with honors as her high school’s first African American valedictorian. After graduating magna cum laude from Spelman College, Abrams earned her Master’s in Public Administration from the LBJ School of Public Affairs as a Harry Truman Scholar. She then earned her J.D. from Yale Law School. She worked in Georgia in the private sector, as a small business owner, as well as the nonprofit sector. In 2006, Abrams was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives. When she became minority leader in 2010, Abrams became the first African American from either party to lead in the Georgia General Assembly and the first African American to lead in the Georgia House of Representatives. Throughout her career, Abrams has been recognized for many awards and honors, including the John F Kennedy New Frontier Award in 2012 and EMILY’s List Gabrielle Giffords Rising Star Award in 2014.

Positions on Key Issues

  • Advocates for reproductive freedom and expanding access to reproductive care in under-served areas
  • Supports the DREAM Act
  • Believes access to affordable healthcare is a right
  • Supports public education and fully-funded, quality public schools
  • Believes in reasonable restrictions on guns

Prospects & Opponents

Stacey Abrams won her primary race against Stacey Evans on May 22. In the November 6 general election, the winner of the Democratic primary will face one of the two men competing for the Republican nomination. Incumbent Republican Governor, Nathan Deal, cannot seek re-election due to term limits, leaving the race for the governorship wide open. In this election, Georgia has the opportunity to elect Stacey Abrams and become the first state to elect an African American woman Governor.


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