2018 Election

Governor Candidates

We have endorsed strong new feminist voices and two feminist women incumbents as we are trying to gain a majority of Democrats in Governors' mansions in preparation for redistricting in 2020.

Lieutenant Governor Candidates

Attorney General Candidates

Secretary of State Candidates


Select State Feminist Legislative Races

This is a breakthrough year for feminists running for state legislative races. It is our first time endorsing candidates at the State Legislative level and we are starting with several leading feminist fighters in different states.

Break the Republican Super-Majority Stranglehold on the North Carolina State General Assembly

Through racial gerrymandering and suppression of the African American and Latinx vote, the Republicans have stolen seats from the majority of the people. North Carolina currently has 120 members of the State House, 45 of which are Democrats and 75 Republicans and have a 62.% supermajority. In the state Senate, there are 15 Democrats and 35 Republicans, leading to a 70% supermajority. This year, because of a Supreme Court ruling, the North Carolina Legislature is running in new districts, so there is a great opportunity to break the supermajority, which has resulted in overriding the Democratic Governor repeatedly and outrageously, including by overriding the Governor's appointment powers and overriding the Governor's vetoes on outrageous legislation that cuts education funding, healthcare funding, funding to alleviate poverty, environmental regulations, and more. As a result of the public outrage, social workers, teachers, environmental and healthcare advocates, public service lawyers, and many feminist women are running for these seats. Women are running in record numbers. In 17 flippable districts, for example, 12 of the candidates are women activists. To break the supermajority, we need just four Democratic votes in the House and six in the Senate.

We need to end one-party rule in Arizona and ratify the ERA: Vote Democrat.

The Arizona State Legislature is on the verge of flipping from Republican to Democratic contol. There are 60 seats in the House, currently 25 Democrats and 35 Republicans. 6 seats are needed to flip the House to the Democrats. In the Senate, where there are 30 seats, there are currently 13 Democrats and 17 Republicans, and we just need 3 seats. Why? Arizona is an unratified ERA state and if the state legislature flips to the Democrats, we would immediately pass the ERA there. Additionally, Republicans in Arizona have cut $1.5 billion in public school funding and have supported some of the least restrictive gun laws in the country that allow anyone over the age of 21 to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.